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Call for Papers - International Forum on Transformative Social Policies in Africa (I FTSPA)

The African continent is often perceived and presented as a homogeneous entity.  This trend is certainly reductive since it erases de facto the differences and socio-cultural, political and even the trajectories of each country.  However, these contextual elements are to be considered in particular in attempts to explain or explain their difficult « take off» or then their «refusal of development».  Therefore, to question the springs of the problematic of the development of African countries is sometimes a complex exercise.  For this exercise, we assume the bias of questioning the place of social policies in public development policies.  Overall, we ask: What are the links between economic and social policies?  What are their assumptions?  What are their potential processors on the beneficiaries?  In short, what are the modalities of operationalization, the strengths and weaknesses of these policies on the beneficiary populations?

The field covered by social policies is very broad and can be covered by the following themes: social protection, security at work, vocational training and full employment, fight against social exclusion, child protection, health policy and health insurance, social housing, etc. Social policies therefore remain intrinsically linked to development policies since their overall impacts on beneficiary populations serve as indices for the classification/categorization of countries. Because of their impact on social relations, social policies reveal their transformative potential. Finally, they are powerful instruments for reducing socio-economic, spatial and even gender inequalities.  

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