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Senegal, Mali, Mauritania

Cluster Team

Marie Fall

Marie Fall is an Associate Professor at the Department of Human and Social Sciences, University of Québec, Chicoutimi, which is part of the network of 10 university teaching and research institutions throughout the region of Quebec. She teaches geography and sustainable planning, international cooperation, regional studies and interventions, and regional development, and is responsible for the Laboratory for Applied Studies and Research on Africa, which is a space for partnerships and collaborations between researchers and stakeholders on projects carried out in West African countries. Her fields of research and interventions focus on the challenges of international development; participatory governance of territories and resources; the exploitation of traditional knowledge; vulnerability, adaptation, and resilience of coastal and island communities to climate change; socio-ecological transition; and, recently, living together in the regions. The gender and development dimension is a central axis of her research.

Faty Sarr

Dr. Ndèye Faty Sarr is an Associate Researcher at the Laboratory of Studies and Applied Research on Africa, the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Canada, where she teaches sociology. She is a graduate of Laval University in Quebec City. She previously taught sociology at the University of Clermont in Auvergne. Her research focuses on women’s empowerment, intersectional analysis, gender studies, and development issues.;

Dr. Sadio Adama is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Pole-Virtual University of Senegal. He teaches "electoral sociology" and "popular expression and political participation in Africa". Adama is also an Associate Researcher at the Gorée Institute and the Rouen University Centre for Legal Studies (CUREJ). He is a consultant for many NGOs in several areas including civil status and gender, democracy, human rights, electoral processes, civil society and armed conflict. Adama has led and presented at numerous seminars, symposia, and conferences in several countries of the West African sub-region. His research areas are international cooperation, electoral governance, gender in politics, the feminist movement in Senegal, popular expressions and democratic participation, political systems, and immigration and gender. Adama holds a DEA in Sociology from the University of Dakar and a state doctorate in Political Science from the Universities of Rouen and Dakar. 

Almamy Sylla

Dr. Almamy Sylla teaches anthropology, research methods, and gender and development. His current research focuses on the return trajectories of Malian migrants, soft infrastructure and labour migration in West Africa, gender and social innovations, public space and political mobilizations in Mali. His research in the field of gender and social innovations focuses more on strategies for adapting to political, social and economic changes, empowerment, social norms, women and youth in agricultural technology innovations, and gender mainstreaming in development projects in Mali. ; 

Professor Ousmane Wagué holds an MSc in Sociology and a PhD in Sociology of Development (2003), a DEA in Rural Sociology from the University of Tunis (1998), and a Masters in Sociology from the University of Nouakchott (1996). He has about 20 years of experience in university education, research, curriculum coordination, development of strategic training plans, and communication. His field of research focuses largely on the rural world of Mauritania. Over the years, Ousmane has produced several publications and field studies on different burning issues pertaining to rural areas. These include social changes, immigration, land, gender, and agricultural development.