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Principal Investigator's Welcome

Dzodzi Tsikata

Dzodzi Tsikata

Principal Investigator

Welcome to the website of Gender Equitable and Transformative Social Policy for Post-COVID-19 Africa (GETSPA) project, a platform for sharing research, information and news on this innovative and pan-African research project, as well as key policy documents from various countries, and information about new developments in social policy.

GETSPA is a multi-country project on social policy in Africa that features research, policy engagement and network-building. It is made up of a community of scholars and practitioners of social policy from West, East, Central, North, and Southern Africa, linked by our shared commitment to work together to produce evidence and co-create policy solutions to positively change the landscape of social policy in Africa.

I am excited about this project for a number of reasons. As a comparative multi-country project involving researchers from over 30 countries across Africa, GETSPA provides a uniquely representative platform for learning, exchanging ideas and building productive networks. Beyond that, it creates a timely opportunity for social development researchers to contribute towards advancing an agenda for transformative and gender-equitable social policy for Africa’s development, which is crucial for Africa’s post-COVID-19 recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Combining our wide-ranging research interests, networks, and socio-cultural knowledge, I am confident of rewarding outcomes that will have a real impact on people’s lives across Africa.

I look forward to working with and coordinating the work of the committed community of people that make up GETSPA -- the technical committee, co-principal investigators, researchers, advisory board, the secretariat -- and to sharing with you in the coming months news, findings, analysis and lessons from our activities.

I urge you to stay connected and engage with us as we embark on this exciting project.